Monthly Plans

€ 5.00

Our cloud phone services and complimentary minutes are available in a variety of easy monthly subscriptions.

Tri-line Unlimited

€ 20.00

All of our premium services, including unlimited calls to the United Kingdom, are included in this terrific value bundle.

Your Plan, Your Way


It’s your choice – select only the features you require from our innovative phone services.

Award-Winning Business Phone Services

Combine Tri-line with other features or go for an all-inclusive, fully-featured Plan – either way, you’ll get just what you need from our powerful, cloud-hosted internet phone service. Everything is online, instantaneously accessible, and completely under your control. There are no site visits, no installation, and no maintenance required – simply sign up and go.

Our Services

Tri-line pre-configured plans start at just £5.00 per user per month, and offer a slew of unique features for free.

Simple At-Home Work

All of our services operate in any location with an Internet connection - just as if you were in the office. Bring your phone home with you!

Switchboard & PBX Services

Tri-line A virtual private branch exchange (PBX) is a type of digital telephone exchange that is located in our data centre in London's Docklands.

PBX & ISDN Circuits

In 2025, BT will stop using ISDN. Replace it today for greater service and savings.

Virtual PA

When you can't answer, a real person will. Our receptionist service can handle one or all of your calls.

Business Broadband

Tri-line managed internet services are meant to complement Tri-line voice services.

Phone Services

If you require a new phone number, there is no longer a requirement to setup a new business phone line.

Have a Query?

While new technology may appear complex at first, have no fear; we are here to assist you!

About Tri-line

Tri-line provides small companies with award-winning, dependable, and affordable innovative cloud-based internet phone services.
Tri-line is available to anybody – whether you’re a brand new start-up in need of a new phone number, a growing business in need of a flexible means to accommodate new employees or telecommuters, or an existing firm in need of a replacement for an antiquated office PBX or switchboard. Or perhaps you require our complimentary SIP trunks in order to connect your own VoIP PBX telephone system?
With Tri-line, you can migrate your phones to the cloud and benefit from a maintenance-free, cloud-hosted VoIP PBX phone system that is simple, fast, and inexpensive to set up.

Within minutes of ordering our phone services using our web-based control panel, you’ll have a fully functional, sophisticated hosted VoIP phone system. All of this is backed up by our complimentary, award-winning, professional, and located in the United Kingdom Customer Service staff.

Our Clients